is the box it comes in.

This Is How

SGI Powers the Future.

High performance computing makes a difference around the planet. Predicting climate change to help mitigate its effects. Cracking the code of the wheat genome to ensure we can feed future generations. Simulating geologic formations deep beneath the Earth’s surface to unlock precious energy resources. Making safer cars by learning from laps run on the Formula One circuit. This and much more is SGI and the researchers, scientists and innovators who use our supercomputers.

is the world’s most

advanced aircraft.

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Spirit, the most powerful supercomputer at the Department of Defense, is built by SGI. Scientists at DOD’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base laboratory use it for everything from simulating aircraft in flight to exploring the world of subatomic particles.
We are SGI.

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is buried treasure.

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Deep expertise in supercomputing helps the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company find valuable deposits hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface.
We are SGI.

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is an eye to the future.

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A tenfold increase in supercomputing performance enables scientists to complete simulations of future climate change in days rather than months.
We are SGI.

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is tomorrow’s

food supply.

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Researchers in the UK are using an SGI supercomputer with over 2,500 processors to crack the code of the wheat genome – which is five times more complex than the human genome – to ensure the world’s food supplies in an era of climate change.
We are SGI.

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is life’s

greatest puzzle.

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When a leading medical institute wanted to transform healthcare from reactive to predictive medicine, they turned to SGI. SGI supercomputers analyze large genomic and clinical data sets to gain critical insights, which help improve early cancer detection and identify personalized medical treatment plans.
We are SGI.

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is wild horsepower.

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When an international Formula 1 racing team needed to shave seconds off of laps, they turned to SGI. Analyzing data from countless sensors in the race car with powerful SGI supercomputers enables engineers to make improvements before the next race.
We are SGI.

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Why SGI?

SGI Powers Discovery and Innovation

SGI serves the needs of customers that require extreme performance with efficiency, and scalability with reliability. Leading organizations around the world combine SGI high performance computing servers, storage and software to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems.

What is supercomputing?

Researchers can solve some problems with mere computers. Then there’s the power required to solve the unsolvable. To push beyond known limits of understanding. To discover world’s beyond our galaxy, hidden in the nucleus of a living cell, or buried thousands of meters below the Earth’s surface. To find cures to incurable diseases. This is the promise and power of supercomputing. This is SGI.

Customer Success

COSMOS Consortium

Can we possibly fathom the fabric of the universe—and our place in it—from the Big Bang to present day? Discover the exciting research of Dr. Stephen Hawkings and the Cosmos supercomputer.


From aeronautics to space exploration to Earth and space sciences, SGI supercomputers—including some of the world’s largest—power NASA’s cutting-edge research.


Today, discovering oil and gas is only part of the equation. Find out how energy companies like Total are using some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers to discover how to reduce its cost of production.


Leading RF solutions developer, Qorvo, uses SGI enhanced compute and memory capabilities to slash simulation times and simulation failure rates.

University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo’s Institute for Solid State Physics needs to handle a huge influx of data used by scientists throughout Japan. World-leading SGI supercomputer technology provides the speed and in-memory capacity to enable breakthroughs in real-time.


Multinational oil and gas companies like Malaysia’s PETRONAS must explore in increasingly remote environments. SGI HPC solutions help to ensure success by providing the power for its researchers to create much more precise images of the subsurface.


SGI supercomputing helps the United States Postal Service achieve near–real-time decision-making and handling of 160 billion pieces of mail every year.

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