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The National Center for Atmospheric Research's Supercomputer "Cheyenne" Recognized on TOP500 as it Nears Installation

December 9, 2016

In January, the National Center for Atmosphere Research (NCAR) chose an HPE/SGI ICE XA system to facilitate the development of more advanced climate and weather models. Today, the system named "Cheyenne," is ranked #20 on the 48th edition of the industry's TOP500 list, recognized for its powerful support for large system needs in weather and climate simulations. Cheyenne also ranked #18 in the HPCG Benchmark.

Since purchasing the system, NCAR is on schedule to complete a smooth installation by early 2017. With 5.34 petaflops and over 144,000 cores in place, Cheyenne will be 3x more energy efficient than its previous system and will have the capacity to support 5.34 quadrillion calculations per second, allowing for researchers to gain insight into some of the biggest challenges in the geosciences: geomagnetic storms, rising sea levels, wildfires and more.

We'd like to congratulate NCAR on the recognition, and look forward to the discovery that Cheyenne will drive!

More information on the TOP500 list can be found at the TOP500 website at ( or on Twitter at @top500supercomp and through the following hashtag: #TOP500.