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Customers Explain How SGI Solved Their Big Problems

We could tell you the many ways that SGI high performance computing solutions meet customer needs. Instead we asked our customers to tell their stories. Please explore how SGI users are solving some of the world's biggest problems.

"Genome analysis is just not on possible on desktop machines. We need really high performance computing to analyze the massive data that we get out of the sequences."

Richard Leggett
QC & Primary Analysis Project Leader, The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC)

"Using the Cosmos supercomputer, we are trying to understand the origin of the universe, what it is made of, and where the galaxies that we observe today came from."

Professor Stephen Hawking
Founder of the COSMOS Consortium

"We use the SGI platform to take the USPS beyond what they were able to achieve with traditional approaches."

Gerry Kolosvary
President, FedCentric Technologies LLC

"Deploying SGI Rackable cluster based on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v2 product family allowed us to use the power of high-performance computing to achieve faster turnaround time in seismic processing while saving significantly on IT infrastructure costs and maintain our existing software investments."

Dr. Matthew Lamont
Managing Director, DownUnder GeoSolutions

"There's no doubt that without it (the SGI System) we wouldn't have been able to conduct our study, especially in three months, which is a very short period of time for a research project and on such a large scale."

Dr. Akos Dobay
Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Zurich

"The efficiency of the SGI ICE X system, which represents high computational power using a minimal amount of energy, gives Total the smallest footprint and lowest TCO possible."

Philippe Malzac
CIO, Exploration and Production for Total S.A.

"Without this computational infrastructure it would have been difficult to collect and analyze the data from our research experiments, leaving us unable to answer many of our scientific questions and greatly limiting our rate of progress."

Alan Davis
Senior Facility Manager for IT, National University of Singapore

"In my 15 years as an ANSYS HFSS Applications Specialist, I never imagined that we could realize full-wave finite element simulations of the magnitude we are seeing today using the SGI UV system."

Steve Rousselle
ANSYS Technical Director

"The SGI UV 300, with its large shared memory, provides a unique capability for researchers to develop new methodologies and algorithms for interdisciplinary research needed to support social sciences research."

Paul Muzio
Director, City University of New York, HPC Center

"For each project we work on there is always a one-team approach between SGI and AWE. SGI has consistently demonstrated leadership in enabling the fast deployment and ongoing support of high performance computing systems. The professionalism and adaptability of the team at SGI has always managed to meet and exceed our expectations, even with particularly complex projects."

Paul Tomlinson
Head of High Performance Computing at AWE

"SGI UV 2000 powered by Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 v2 series propels us to the next level of large scale, fine-grained simulations that were otherwise unthinkable due to memory constraints. Furthermore, due to the significant and specialized capability of the supercomputer, we expect to see a substantial increase in industrial use through our strategic partnership initiatives. Through the Strategic Program of Earth Simulator for advancement of industrial use, we are already seeing research projects needing entire memory capacity of UV 2000."

Dr. Toshiyuki Asano
Group Leader, Simulation Technology Application Research Group, Earth Simulator Center of JAMSTEC

"We are thrilled with the work that our collaboration with SGI and Intel has produced. We applaud them for their leadership in helping us find better ways to address energy efficiency, space constraints and increased computing power in data centers. These advancements are a significant stepping stone in accelerating industry wide collaboration to optimize computer hardware design."

Joe Koch
Business Director for 3M Electronics Markets Materials Division

"Product quality and safety together with advantageous pricing for our customers, is our utmost priority. With new SGI computing power we will be able to rapidly develop more innovative vehicles with excellent value-to-price ratios."

Petr Rešl
Head of Process & System Integration - Product Process, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.