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February 16-19 HANA 2016
Las Vegas, NV
March 7-9 STAR Global Conference
Prague, Czech Republic
March 8 Webinar - Register Now
10x Faster Transient Electromagnetic Field Simuliation
March 16 Webinar - Register Now
The Benefits of High Performance Computing in Developing and Deploying Algorithms to Forecast Cell Behavior
March 31 Webinar - Register Now
HPC for Manufacturing
April 5-7 Bio-IT
Boston, MA
May 15-18 GEOINT
Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL
May 23-25 Science in the Age of Experience
Boston, MA
June 7-8 ANSYS Automotive Simulation World Congress
Munich, Germany
June 12-14 LS-DYNA International Conference
Dearborn, MI
June 19-23 ISC
Frankfurt, Germany

The events participation list is preliminary and subject to change.