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Media Coverage

December 2009 - SGI brings federated data archive product to the U.S.
  eWeek - SGI Offering Support to Verari Customers
November 2009
  BusinessWeek - The (Attempted) Rebirth of Silicon Graphics
  eWeek - SGI Takes Wrap Off Altix UV "UltraViolet"
  InformationWeek - SGI Intros Supercomputer With Intel Nehalem EX
  Electronista - SGI Intros Nehalem-based Altix UV supercomputers
  insideHPC - SGI finally announces make-or-break HPC platform
October 2009 - Spotify gears up for growth
September 2009
  Softpedia - Spotify Changes Servers to Reduce Energy Costs
  SOA World Magazine - SGI Fields a Personal Supercomputer
  Computer Business Review - SGI releases Octane III personal supercomputer
  Gizmodo - SGI's 'Personal Supercomputer' Handles 80 Cores, 1TB of RAM
  eWeek - SGI Rolls Out Octane III Personal Computer - SGI 80-core Personal Supercomputer packs a punch on the cheap
  Engadget - SGI announces Octane III personal supercomputer
  Computerworld - SGI aims at 'personal supercomputer' that's cheap, easy-to-use
August 2009
  Computer Business Review - SGI launches new range of scalable workgroup level clusters
  Government Computer News (GCN)eWEEK - SGI CloudRack X2 Enclosure Aimed at HPC Space
May 2009
  insideHPC exclusive - SGI's CEO talks about why he did it, what technologies survive, and where he goes from here