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Media Coverage

December 2010
  The Register - SGI puts modular data centers on ICE
  TMCnet - SGI Introduces New ICE Cube Air Modular Smart Data Center to MDC Line Up
  engadget - SGI's ICE Cube Air Modular Data Centers can be deployed anywhere, even in the hood
  eWeek - SGI Ice Cube Air Modular Data Center Offers Air Cooling
  Computerworld - SGI offers air-cooled modular data center
November 2010
  Zyco - SGI Jolt 'enhances scalability' of Altix UV
  Search Data Center - Move over SMPs: Distributed shared memory systems step in
  Computerworld - How China may spur U.S. supercomputing
  Zyco - SGI offers 'extreme density' for HPC environments
  SYS-CON - SGI Stuffs a Petaflop in a Cabinet
  The Register - SGI gets its HPC mojo back with CPU-GPU hybrids
  eWeek - SGI Prism XL Leverages CPU, GPU Computing
  Wall Street Journal - Supercomputers Fuel Competition
  TMCNet - SGI Debuts SGI Performance Suite and SGI Management Suite
October 2010
  Zycko - Zycko signs distribution agreement with leading technical computing vendor SGI
  CNET - SGI's old-school supercomputer now revved up
September 2010
  eWeek - SGI Ships New HPC Storage for Mixed-Use Systems
  EETimes - SGI ASIC is first step to exascale system
August 2010
  Scientific Computing World - Cosmology and solar research turn to SGI
  Softpedia - Intel and HPC-Maker SGI Also Get Involved with DARPA
  The Register - Hawking's big-bang team harness SGI super power
  Data Center Knowledge - SGI Gear to Power Stephen Hawking's Research
  eWeek Europe - Hawking Team Uses Supercomputer To Explore Space
  insideHPC - The Rich Report: The 16 Terabyte PC SGI Bets on Exascale
  ZDNet - India gets another Supercomputer Annapurna
June 2010
  eWeek - SGI Ships Its First 6Gb SAS System
  InfoStor - SGI upgrades Copan disk-based backup platform
  Computerworld - SGI upgrades Copan MAID array
  eWeek - SGI Computing Platform Puts Petaflop of Power in a Server Cabinet
May 2010
  Scientific Computing World - French HPC organisation increases compute power for research
  Data Center Knowledge - SGI Adopts Universal Container Approach
  eWeek - SGI Expands ICE Cube Containerized Data Center Line
  insideHPC - More on SGI's new ICE System
  The Inquirer - SGI advances Linux on the HPC front
  eWeek - SGI Expands InfiniteStorage Line with LSI Software
  Computer Technology Review - SGI teams with LSI to expand its storage line
  The Register - SGI chills new Altix ICE supers
April 2010
  insideHPC - NASA Pleiades Pictures [plus a sneak peak at ICE 8400]
  eWeek - SGI Rolls Out x86-Based Storage Array
  San Francisco Business Times - New Silicon Graphics emerges from ashes
  The Register - SGI peddles cut-down Altix UV supers
March 2010
  EETimes - Intel rolls Xeon chips for high-end servers
  TMCnet - SGI Introduces Origin 400 Integrated Workgroup Blade System
  SOA World Magazine - SGI Brings Back a Brand
  ServerWatch - SGI Resurrects Origin x86 Servers Line With New Xeons
  eWeek - SGI Aims Origin 400 Solution at SMEs
February 2010
  PThe Register - Copan assets scooped up by SGI
  eWeek - SGI Buys Assets of Bankrupt Copan Systems - Avec Cyclone, SGI invite au calcul scientifique dans le cloud
  L' - Cloud : SGI envoie un HPC dans les nuages !
  Solutions Logiciels - CYCLONE, une offre de calculs intensifs en mode Cloud - SGI lance une offre de service HPC en ligne
  eWeek - SGI Offers Cyclone Cloud Computing for HPC
  TMCnet - Cyclone cloud computing service introduced by SGI
  The Register - SGI Spins up Cyclone HPC cloud
  PCWorld/IDG News - SGI Offers Supercomputing as a Service
January 2010
  The Register - Brits choose Altix UV supers to fight cancer - Q&A: Dr Rune Linding, leader of the Institute of Cancer Research cellular and molecular logic team
  InsideHPC - Institute of Cancer Research Buys SGI UV
  Channel Insider - SGI Launches Channel Program with Best of Rackable and Old SGI
  The Register - Imperial calls on SGI super for answers to big questions
  eWeek Europe - SGI Gains Prestigious Win With Leading University
  Electronics Weekly - Imperial College buys Intel-based supercomputer