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SGI Announces Partnership with Nimbis Services for Easy Access to SGI® Cyclone™

Small and Mid-Sized U.S. Companies Looking for Affordable HPC Alternatives Gain Low-Risk, "Pay-as-You Go" Access to SGI HPC Cloud

FREMONT, Calif. April 13, 2010 SGI (NASDAQ: SGI), a global leader in HPC and data center solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Nimbis Services, Inc., which will provide easy access to SGI Cyclone, the world's first large-scale, on-demand cloud computing service specifically dedicated to technical applications. Cyclone's high performance computing (HPC) cloud services will be available May 2010 for small and mid-sized U.S. companies via Nimbis Services' ecommerce portal.

Nimbis Services helps simplify access to Cyclone by offering users pre-negotiated, pre-qualified and pre-configured access to compute cycles, storage, advanced HPC application software and domain specific consulting. The Nimbis eCommerce Service allows Cyclone users to order, submit and monitor their jobs through a user-friendly online storefront, and payment processing by credit card, PayPal or purchase order.

"SGI is excited to deliver with this partnership HPC system resources, third-party and open-source applications, and domain expertise to a broader set of customers, including smaller companies not in the position to acquire and support their own HPC infrastructure," said Christian Tanasescu, vice president of software engineering at SGI. "Nimbis Broker and the eCommerce Service will allow companies who want to move beyond desktop technical computing to work with the world's fastest, most advanced computers."

Through Nimbis Services, Cyclone customers will gain access to a number of leading application partners in five technical domains, including computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, computational chemistry and materials, computational biology and ontologies. SGI Cyclone also delivers access to leading-edge open-source applications and best-of-breed commercial software platforms from top Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

"SGI Cyclone and Nimbis Services offer easy access to a unique and comprehensive suite of shared memory, scale-out and hybrid computing platforms and services, which are currently unavailable to small and mid-sized companies," said Robert Graybill, president and CEO of Nimbis Services, Inc. "This partnership helps those companies better compete by providing a broad choice of computing resources that best match their needs."

The SGI technology at Cyclone's core is comprised of some of the world's fastest supercomputing hardware architectures, including SGI® Altix® scale-up, Altix® ICE scale-out and Altix® XE hybrid clusters, all based on the latest Intel® Xeon® or Itanium® processors. The hybrid architecture offers either NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs or AMD FireStream™ GPU compute accelerators, both for floating-point double-precision workloads, and Tilera accelerators for integer workloads. SGI® InfiniteStorage systems are available for scratch space and long-term archival of customer data.

At the system software level, Cyclone offers a flexible computing environment with choice of Novell® SUSE® or Red Hat® Linux® operating systems, further performance-optimized through the addition of SGI® ProPack™. Altair PBS Professional® and SGI® ISLE™ Cluster Manager provide system scheduling and management.

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About Nimbis Services, Inc. Nimbis Services, Inc. is a University of Southern California affiliated startup company in the high performance computing (HPC) industry. Nimbis has developed a suite of brokerage and ecommerce web services that connects its clients with third-party compute resources, commercial application software and domain-specific expertise. The company provides low-risk, low-effort, as-needed, "pay-as-you go" access to HPC for small to mid-sized companies that are currently unable to move beyond technical computing on the desktop. Nimbis Services' clients tend to be experimental and occasional HPC users, regardless of their size. For additional information, visit

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