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SGI Announces Availability of Software Suites to Enhance Manageability and Performance for All SGI Hardware

Fremont, Calif. — November 3, 2010 — SGI (NASDAQ: SGI), a trusted leader in technical computing, today announced the availability of SGI® Performance Suite and SGI® Management Suite, providing enhanced manageability, load management, scalability and improved performance across all SGI® product lines. Integrating best-of-breed software solutions built on open standards, the SGI Management Suite and Performance Suite complete the company's premier software environment for technical computing.

SGI Management Suite includes multiple editions of SGI® Management Center, its comprehensive control and central management software, and offers a Power Option for green computing. SGI Performance Suite extends the performance of technical computing with the industry's most scalable and high-performance MPI (Message Passing Interface) software and run-time tools that deliver performance in ISV technical applications without recompilation.

"SGI Performance Suite gives technical application users and developers the critical tools to greatly boost the performance and scalability of their core applications, and makes these tools more broadly available," said Christian Tanasescu, vice president of software engineering at SGI. "SGI Management Suite delivers the ease of use and comprehensive control needed by system administrators, and its Power Option allows customers to optimize and control their power usage pattern at the node, rack or data center level."

SGI Management Suite

With two editions of SGI Management Center, SGI Management Suite provides a single point of management for individual servers to racks to entire SGI systems:

  • SGI Management Center—Standard Edition provides administrators and managers with a rich graphical user interface and a single view of system health, server status, performance metrics and software images, along with full remote server control.
  • SGI Management Center—Premium Edition adds high speed provisioning, image management with version control, fault analysis, user management and other features to further extend the capabilities of system administrators and optimize system use.
  • SGI Management Center—Power Option adds the capability to monitor the electrical load from the node to system level from a single dashboard. Management of electrical load with fine-grained, policy driven, dynamic power management will be available in Spring 2011 for active green computing.

SGI Performance Suite

SGI Performance Suite incorporates the most powerful features and functionality from SGI® ProPack™ 7 with significant new tools and enhancements in a more flexible product. SGI Performance Suite consists of four components, enabling customers to purchase either the complete product suite or individual components for specific environments, including:

  • SGI® MPI—The industry's highest performance MPI environment, including run time acceleration for other industry MPI software.
  • SGI® Accelerate™—Optimization tools that improve application performance without recompilation, and libraries that optimize applications with specialized algorithms.
  • SGI® REACT™—Real-time performance solution for standard Linux distributions.
  • SGI® UPC—Unified Parallel C (UPC) compiler environment.

SGI Performance Suite takes Linux performance software to world record levels. The SGI Message Passing Toolkit MPI library on Altix® ICE 8400 achieved record-breaking performance in the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation's (SPEC) MPI2007 benchmark tests. Additionally, SGI MPI PerfBoost (part of SGI MPI) helped Altix ICE 8400 set a world record for scalability running ANSYS FLUENT 12.0.

"SGI's ability to develop HPC systems that work well even at large scale has been due in no small part to the company's prowess in developing management software as well as the company's deep understanding of HPC home-grown and third-party (ISV) applications," said Steve Conway, research vice president, high performance computing at IDC. "SGI Management Center and SGI Performance Suite are direct beneficiaries of this strong software heritage that enhance the manageability and performance of technical computing environments."

SGI's software environment for technical computing is built on open standards and runs on Linux distributions from Red Hat and Novell and the community distribution, CentOS. SGI integrates and certifies leading third-party software tools to provide a best-in-class open software environment for customers' most demanding workloads.

Availability and Pricing
SGI Management Suite and SGI Performance Suite are available immediately for SGI® Altix® UV, Octane® III, Rackable™, CloudRack® and Altix® ICE systems. For more information, visit

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