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SGI Ethics

Conflicts of Interest

SGI expects that suppliers or other vendors will refrain from bidding on projects/contracts in which they have an interest suggesting conflict. At the very least, suppliers and vendors should disclose, in writing, any actual or potential conflict situation prior to submitting a bid.

Similarly, SGI employees are not permitted to enter into any situation with competitors, suppliers, and customers that might result in a conflict of interest with SGI or jeopardize the protection of its confidential information. In addition, employees are expected to make business decisions with the Company's best interests in mind, not their own. No SGI employee should have a direct or indirect passive investment interest in, or involvement in the business operations of an SGI customer, supplier, competitor, service organization involved with SGI products, or subsidiary or parent company of any of these concerns unless it has been determined by an SGI vice president that the employee would have no influence over SGI decisions that could benefit such organizations. A passive investment interest is one (I) in which the employee or immediate family members own five percent (5%) or more of the stock, assets, or other interest of the customer, supplier, competitor, or service organization or (II) that comprises twenty percent (20%) or more of the employee's family members' assets.

Receiving Gratuities

Suppliers and vendors should avoid presenting gifts, money, services, or favors to SGI employees to avoid possible or potential conflicts of interest or even the appearance of conflict of interest. Likewise, employees are not permitted to take gifts money, services, or favors from any company involved with SGI. Advertising novelties; such as, t-shirts, calendars and paperweights are the exception; however, there are special rules applicable to federal government vendors that prohibit even these types of gifts.

Granting Gratuities

Just as we do not accept gratuities, we do not give them. This includes gifts, payments, commissions, or other forms of compensation or favors to customers, suppliers, competitors, etc.