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Advanced Cooling Technology for the "Data Center of the Future"

How do you keep your data centers cool? Immerse yourself in a revolutionary two-phase immersion cooling technology and reimagine efficiency.

As the growth of the Internet of Things explodes, so does the data traffic in the cloud, which requires data centers to deliver more performance and storage with less energy consumption. SGI®, 3M™, and Intel® have partnered to develop a revolutionary two-phase immersion cooling technology.

With this revolutionary breakthrough, see how:

  • SGI® ICE™ X, the fifth generation of the world's fastest distributed memory supercomputer and the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 hardware are placed directly into 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid. The 3M Novec fluid is an efficient dielectric that keeps the hardware cooled with minimum additional energy, maximum performance and better reliability.
  • 3M's two-phase immersion cooling technology can reduce cooling energy costs by 95 percent and reduces water consumption by eliminating municipal water usage for evaporative cooling. Heat can also be harvested from the system and reused for heating and other process technologies such as desalination of sea water.

This technique has been shown to require 10 times less space than conventional air cooling and eliminates costly air cooling infrastructure and equipment associated with conventional liquid cooling, making it cost effective for large-scale data center hubs. It enables much tighter component packaging - allowing for greater computing power in less space - and easy access to hardware with no residue. In fact, the system can enable up to 100 kilowatts of computing power per square meter.

SGI's industry standard high performance computing technology, coupled with Intel's energy efficient processors, complement 3M's ground-breaking immersion cooling technology that significantly reduces energy and water use and sets the stage for the future of data centers.

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