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SGI's new appliance for in-memory computing is currently undergoing SAP certification. To learn more, please Contact Us »

Real-Time Business with SAP HANA® is Going Big Time

Eliminating the delay between insight and action, SAP HANA® brings together transactional and analytical processing to enable your business to operate in real-time. If your in-memory computing environment needs to scale beyond 6TBs, however, you've been limited to a clustered appliance. And this leads to performance degradation and complexity challenges which prevent you from running critical ERP and data warehouse applications on the same platform.

SGI is solving this problem with an in-memory computing appliance designed to scale from 8 to 32 sockets as a single node and provide from 6 to 24TBs of coherent shared memory. Developed for large enterprises and currently undergoing certification with SAP, this advanced SGI appliance will enable real-time business at extreme scale and high availability, without complexity.

Scale Up, Single-node Architecture
Using a scale-up, single-node architecture with breakthrough coherent shared memory, the new SGI appliance will enable you to run ERP, data warehouse, and other applications on a single in-memory system, free from the limits of clusters. Soon large enterprises will be able to fully leverage the power of SAP HANA and gain timely business insight for faster, smarter decisions and greater competitive advantage.

SGI's forthcoming appliance will feature a new offering in the SGI® UV™ server line designed for in-memory databases that leverages seventh-generation SGI technology. The first appliance release will contain an 8-socket UV system utilizing Intel® Xeon® E7 8890 v2 processors coupled with 6TB of shared memory that's designed to scale to 32 sockets and 24TB of shared memory as a single-node system. By simply adding sockets and memory, enterprises will be able to scale seamlessly. There is no need to redistribute data or balance I/O when increasing the size of the appliance, as performance scales linearly and automatically.

Shared memory communication within the appliance will be achieved using ultra-fast, low-latency SGI® NUMAlink® 7 interconnects. To protect data against memory power loss, data and log files are stored on disk using dual NetApp® E2700 RAID arrays. And to further simplify deployment, the appliance will arrive pre-racked and pre-configured with SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server.

High Availability
The help you ensure high application service levels and avoid costly downtime, the appliance will provide high availability with simplified administration. Using two single-node systems, enterprises can protect against logical, system, and site failures, and fully restore critical applications and data warehouse operations in seconds.

SGI's new appliance for in-memory computing is currently undergoing SAP certification. To learn more, please Contact Us »