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Development Tools & Libraries

There are many choices available for Linux® software development tools. The following products, compilers, debuggers, performance libraries and analysis tools, are proven and recommended for developing technical computing applications.


Performance-enhancing Libraries and Tools

  • SGI Performance Suite, includes:
    • SGI MPI, SGI's performance optimized MPI environment
    • SGI REACT, hard real-time performance for standard Linux distributions
    • SGI Accelerate, utilities and libraries to accelerate application performance
  • Allinea Performance Reports - one page performance analytics of how an application runs on your SGI system ? designed for third party or self-developed code. Identifies CPU instructions, communication, memory and I/O issues
  • Intel® Inspector XE, thread and memory checker
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE, performance profiler for Intel processor systems

How to Buy

Please contact your SGI sales representative for more information.

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