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Developed by SGI, the trusted leader in high performance computing and an SAP global technology partner, SGI® UV™ is certified for all SAP HANA® and all other SAP business application tools.

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SGI UV for SAP HANA - at 4 and 8 sockets with up to 6TB of shared memory

  • Certification #29245685
  • Tested Appliance Hardware
    • Server System: UV 300H
    • Model: UV 300H
    • Mainboard: n/a
    • Vendor Modell No.: UV 300H
    • Release / Year: 2014
    • Number of sockets: 8 (4 socket per compute unit)
    • Used CPU: 8x Intel Ivy Bridge EX E7-8890 v2
    • Memory: 6TB
    • DIMM Configuration: 192 * 32GB
    • Appliance Type: Single node
    • RAID Controller: 2* SGI Infinite Storage IS5124 (aka NetApp E2724) RAID chassis
    • Controller Layout: 48* 900GB 10k disks RAID 6
    • Storage Setup: DATA: 18TB LOG: 0.5TB
    • Storage Connector
    • File System: XFS
    • Network Adapter: 2x dual port Intel 82599EB 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+
    • Operating System: SLES for SAP 11 SP3
    • Linux Kernel Vers.: 3.0.101-0.35-default

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SAP Applications (non HANA)

SGI UV 2000

  • Number of CPUs: 4-256 Intel E5-4600 v2 Series (Xeon), 4 cores, 6 cores, 8 cores, 10 cores, 12 cores
  • Memory: up to 64 TB
  • OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 and later SPs

SGI UV 300 - certified in collaboration with SAP LinuxLab

  • Number of CPUs: 4-32 Intel E7-8800v2 Series (Xeon), 6, 10, 12 and 15 cores
  • Memory: up to 24 TB
  • OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 and later SPs

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As of 2011, SAP has released globally and generally Virtualization, if the used virtualization product is listed for use with SAP software in SAP Note 1492000. For every Operating System certified there is a specific Virtualization Note, which is for Linux distributions Note 1122387. KVM and XEN are regarded as part of the Linux distribution's OS and are released automatically. Please refer to SAP Notes 1522993 (SUSE KVM).