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SAP on Linux - List of Hardware Released by SGI

Only the hardware listed below is certified for operating SAP applications on SGI hardware. For more information, contact SGI in SAP LinuxLab by opening a message with the short text "SAP Applications on Linux with SGI hardware" under the BC-OP-LNX-SGI component. If you want to run SAP applications on a non-listed model, or in combination with a non-listed Linux distributions or version please contact your SGI account manager.

SGI recommends entering into a support contract for operating system support with the respective OS partner in the SAP LinuxLab.

Certified Systems

In collaboration with SAP LinuxLab, SGI certified the SGI® UV™ 2000 platform for SAP Applications with the following specs:

  • Number of CPUs: 4-256 Intel E5-4600 v2 Series (Xeon), 4 cores, 6 cores, 8 cores, 10 cores, 12 cores
  • Memory: up to 64TB
  • OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 and later SPs


As of 2011, SAP has released globally and generally Virtualization, if the used virtualization product is listed for use with SAP software in SAP Note# 1492000. For every Operating System certified there is a specific Virtualization Note, which is for Linux distributions Note# 1122387. KVM and XEN are regarded as part of the Linux distribution's OS and are released automatically. Please refer to SAP Notes 1522993 (SUSE KVM).

For more information about SGI systems and virtualization support, see our Virtualization page.