Data Centers

Data Centers

Reliable and Energy-Efficient Solutions

SGI designs the most reliable and energy-efficient server, storage and big data solutions, coupled with simplified serviceability and management. We also provide a variety of racks, power solutions, cabinetry, and remote monitoring hardware and software to complete the data center picture.

From standard 19 in. racks, with optional water-cooled doors on the rear, to a fully contained rack environment capable of warm-water cooling such as the M-cell for SGI® ICE™ X supercomputers, we provide the perfect energy-efficient and dense solutions for installation within the datacenter.

And we can also supply a variety of Modular Data Center products as well, including the ICE Cube®, built around standard ISO 20- and 40-foot shipping containers, that allow mobility and our Mobirack™ which extends this mobility to a small footprint. Our ICE Cube® Air offers a customer the ability to stand up a new data center in weeks versus months and to start as small as an eight-foot container for four racks and expand to data centers of more than four megawatts in power usage.

ICE Cube


ICE Cube Air