Warehouse Clearance Sale — All Items Must Go!

The SGI Warehouse Clearance Sale gives U.S. and Canadian customers a chance to buy specially configured SGI® systems at a fraction of the regular price. Everything listed on this page must go. Listed below are the previously advertised prices, but make us an offer. No reasonable offer will be refused. These products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and are "SGI support ready."

Simply review the product descriptions and the detailed configuration sheets (PDF file) and then make an offer. Again, no reasonable offer will be refused.

If you don't see what you need, check Weekly Specials or contact your SGI Sales Representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside of the United States and Canada. Can I participate in the SGI Warehouse Clearance Sale?
No. At this time, only U.S. and Canadian customers can participate.

I'm an SGI partner/Solution Provider. Can I make an offer?
Yes, all SGI partners and Solution Providers are invited and encouraged to participate.

I am an SGI Channel Partner. Can I resell my purchase?
Yes, you may resell your purchase.

How can I contact SGI about the sale?
If you have questions about a current sale or a past one, please e-mail your inquiry.

How do I give SGI feedback regarding your sale?
We would like to hear any comments or suggestions that might better our program. Please e-mail your comments.

If my offer is accepted, how do I pay?
You will be contacted by an SGI sales representative with details on how to purchase your system. You will have three business days to respond. SGI standard terms and conditions apply to the purchase of all sale items. Installation is not included in price. No warranty is included.

What types of products does SGI offer?
SGI is currently offering SGI recertified products in the Warehouse Clearance Sale. Other systems may be listed in the future.

What if I want to upgrade my auction purchase or need additional service for my auction?
The SGI sales representative contacting you will be able to assist you with any additional product/service needed.

Is my auction purchase protected under warranty?
All items come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There is a problem with my sale purchase. Whom do I contact?
If you are having problems with your purchase, please contact the appointed SGI sales representative.

What payment options do I have?
Payment options include cashier checks, money orders, wire transfers, and honored credit cards. If your company has established credit and terms with SGI, we will also accept authorized purchase orders. SGI's standard terms and conditions govern all products purchased on the SGI Warehouse Clearance Sale.

What are the payment terms?
Payment must be arranged with SGI within three business days.

Can I use my corporate discount? Can I use my reseller discount?
No, all items are "net" price.

Can I combine all my auction purchases under one invoice? Can I ship multiple systems together?
No. At this time all products are invoiced and shipped separately.

Is standard shipping included in my purchase? What are my delivery options?
No. Shipping is extra. Your SGI sales representative will be able to help arrange shipping.

How soon will my product be delivered?
Products sold in the SGI Warehouse Clearance Sale usually ship within 10 business days upon receipt of order.