SGI® Altix® 450

SGI Altix 450

Revolutionary Mid-range Server Delivers New Levels of Data throughput, Efficiency and Flexibility with a Modular Blade Design

  • Modular blade design for 'plug and solve' flexibility
  • Scalable system size for simplified programming, administration and sustained throughput
  • End-to-End high efficiency means a TCO you will love

Modular Design for Superior Throughput and "Plug & Solve" Configurability
SGI Altix 450 servers are configured from interchangeable compute, memory, I/O and special purpose blades for 'plug and solve' configuration flexibility. The innovative blade-to-NUMAlink® architecture enables users to mix and match eight standardized blade choices, for perfect system right-sizing. The compact blade packaging of the Altix 450 rack also provides excellent performance density - up to a teraflop per tall rack - as well as industry-leading power efficiency.

Scalable System Size for Simplified Programming, Low-cost Administration and Excellent Sustained Throughput for Diverse Applications
SGI Altix 450 incorporates the shared-memory NUMAflex® architecture, which simplifies software development, workload management and system administration. It supports up to 38 sockets (76 cores) under one instance of Linux and up to 864GB of globally addressable memory. Supporting these powerful capabilities is the NUMAlink interconnect, which leads the industry in bandwidth and latency for superior performance on cluster applications. The SGI Altix 450 represents a versatile solution for shared or distributed memory applications.

Standards-based Platform Reduces Cost While Delivering Uncompromised Performance on Linux
SGI Altix 450 servers have been designed specifically for demanding users based on industry standard cpus, memory and I/O. This infrastructure is supported by a complete solution stack running on industry standard Linux® operating systems with the choice of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux Advanced Server operating systems. SGI® ProPack™ software provides the tools and enabling software to optimize performance for Altix systems running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server OS.