SGI® Altix® 4700

SGI Altix 4700

Revolutionary Platform Delivers New Levels of Data Throughput and Versatility
Unique standards-based design delivers versatile processing for the most demanding data intensive workloads. SGI Altix 4700 features unrivaled 'plug and solve' blade configurability in an uncompromising data-centric architecture capable of sustaining terabytes of data throughput.

Modular Blade Design for Superior Throughput and "Plug and Solve" Configurability
SGI Altix 4700 platform is comprised of modular blades — interchangeable compute, memory, I/O and special purpose blades for 'plug and solve' configuration flexibility. The innovative blade-to-NUMAlink® architecture enables users to precisely match the computing, memory, and I/O configuration to their application needs. This makes the Altix 4700 uniquely suited for workflows that involve a diverse mix of applications.

Scalable System Size for Simplified Programming, Low-cost Admin & Sustained Throughput
SGI Altix 4700 incorporates the shared-memory NUMAflex® architecture, which simplifies software development, workload management and system administration. It supports up to 1024 cores under one instance of Linux and as much as 128TB of globally shared memory. The NUMAlink® interconnect, which leads the industry in bandwidth and latency performance allows a mix of diverse applications to process data on a single platform without costly data movement. The SGI Altix 4700 is the ideal soution for data intensive businesses.

Step Into Multi-paradigm Computing - Taking HPC Beyond the Limits of Moore's Law
SGI Altix 4700 Platform also integrates SGI's Peer I/O technology which enables high-speed access to SGI's large shared memory for all system components. Through peer I/O, SGI Altix 4700 is the first SGI platform designed to support new computing paradigms, such as reconfigurable computing through SGI RASC™ technology, that will take over where Moore's Law leaves off.

Standards-based Platform and Blade Form Factor Reduces Costs While Delivering Uncompromised Performance
Like its predecessors, the SGI Altix 4700 platform has been designed specifically for technical users based on industry standard CPU's, memory and I/O. This infrastructure is supported by a complete HPC solution stack running on industry standard Linux® operating systems with the choice of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Advanced Server operating systems. SGI® ProPack™ software provides the tools and enabling applications to optimize performance for Altix systems running SUSE Linux OS. All of this is supplied and supported by SGI for one-stop support.