SGI® Altix® Clusters

SGI Altix Cluster The SGI® Altix® 1330 cluster delivers SGI's award-winning Altix® architecture in a fully-integrated cluster solution. SGI Altix 1330 provides customers with the quality and performance that they've come to expect from SGI —in a cost-effective cluster platform. Altix 1330 leverages SGI's NUMAflex® architecture to uniquely provide a cluster solution that can support the most demanding application mix in a multi-user environment, with unsurpassed scalability in all dimensions.

Achieve world-class performance at a cost-effective price

  • Modular architecture that can independently scale processors, memory, and I/O resources on the node for ultimate in system right-sizing and resource efficiency.
  • Highly scalable nodes that can handle more real work with fewer systems, dramatically reduces the overall cost of solution by decreasing requirements for interconnect fabric, software licenses, and administration.
  • Industry-standard architecture, built on Linux® operating systems and Intel Itanium 2 processors, for the best performance and enhanced investment protection.

Discover Breakthrough Productivity

  • Advanced system design leverages the best of large node capability PLUS cluster capacity—with nodes that can scale to 16 processors and 128GB of memory.
  • High-performance, shared-memory SGI® NUMAlink® interconnect technology for unparalleled I/O at 6.4GB/second on each Altix cluster node virtually eliminates I/O bottlenecks.
  • Efficiently supports complex, mixed workloads and dynamic resource requirements—eliminating the need to expend precious resource in decomposing or parallelizing code.

Designed with ease of administration in mind

  • Fully integrated cluster solution that includes the industry's leading cluster, interconnect and system management tools from SGI, Voltaire and Scali.
  • Large node Altix 1330 clusters result in fewer systems to deploy, manage and provision.
  • Comprehensive support for Altix 1330 hardware and system software provided by SGI.