SGI® Altix® ICE 8200

SGI Altix ICE 8200 Built with High Performance Computing (HPC) in Mind

  • Cable-free blade enclosures, integrated switches, and a high-performance interconnect architecture easily scale to 1000s of nodes.
  • Performance-dense architecture combines an innovative new board design, with the latest and most powerful Intel® Xeon® processors to deliver up to 64 blade severs per rack, providing up to 768 processing cores in a single 42U rack.
  • Off-blade storage and hierarchical management system for highly efficient scalability and manageability at node, rack unit (IRU), rack, or system.

Delivers Unsurpassed Value and Efficiency

  • Advanced Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) features, including redundant power supplies, redundant cooling fans and hot-swappable blades.
  • SGI innovation in power/cooling, incorporates field proven SGI® Altix® power/cooling architecture that delivers leading rack-level power efficiency, and water-cooled doors (optional).
  • Flexible configuration options enables customer to optimize for performance or cost, with customer value that scales with system size.

Drives Immediate Productivity - Power Up & Go!!!

  • SGI "Power Up & Go" design, with systems that are fully integrated and tested in the factory, enabling scalable cluster solutions in hours, not weeks.
  • Based on industry standards, delivered with the SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server operating system and a comprehensive cluster solution stack that includes the SGI® Tempo management software for quick deployment and easy management.
  • Backed 100% by SGI's world-class services organization, with an unmatched track record for successfully building, deploying, and supporting the world's most complex HPC systems.