SGI® Altix® XE

SGI Altix XESGI Altix XE offers superior performance, reliability and energy efficiency at an attractive price point. The combination of the advanced Intel® Xeon® Processor architecture delivered in a fully factory integrated server or cluster solution, backed by SGI's industry-leading service and support provides customers with a rapidly deployable highly productive boost to existing infrastructure.

Experience Real TCO Benefit and Cost Efficiencies

  • Value-priced SGI Altix XE server and cluster solutions which are designed to be highly reliable for best bottom line TCO
  • Ultra-dense 1U form factor server delivers top data center density and reduced infrastructure costs without sacrificing performance or functionality. Powerful 2U form factor server with advanced reliability features, large memory and enhanced storage capacity. Flexible 3U form factor server with ultimate I/O capabilities and storage capacity.
  • Breakthrough energy efficiency with features designed to optimize power utilization and system cooling.

Discover Ultimate Configuration Flexibility, Performance, and Reliability

  • SGI Altix XE-based cluster solutions combine the flexibility of a-la-carte component selection for ultimate application right-sizing, but with the convenience of full factory integration.
  • Turbo charge SGI Altix XE clusters with SGI® ProPack™. SGI ProPack for Linux is SGI's suite of performance optimization libraries and tools that accelerate applications and optimize and parallelize cpu, memory, and I/O resources.
  • Choose servers and cluster nodes that make perfect sense for you: SGI Altix XE320 or XE340 for low cost + performance density, SGI Altix XE250, XE270 or XE500 for enhanced I/O, redundancy options and expandability.

Easy to Build, Deploy, and Use

  • Fully integrated and factory tested SGI Altix XE clusters delivered with a complete cluster management software stack to simplify deployment and management, but can be custom configured for perfect right-sizing.
  • Choice of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux Server, Microsoft® Windows® HPC Server 2008.
  • Confidently backed 100% by SGI World-class Customer Service organization, with full support for all SGI Altix XE hardware and software system components.