SGI® ICE 8400

SGI ICE 8400 Companies today are dealing with increasingly difficult business problems, with ever-growing amounts of data to manage and process, and pressure to deliver results in record time. Most attack this critical problem by expanding IT infrastructure. But this "bigger faster" approach often comes with unforeseen administration and facilities costs and lower than expected throughput due to data bottlenecks. The SGI ICE 8400 integrated blade cluster was designed for today's data intensive problems and thus avoids these pitfalls. This innovative platform from SGI raises the efficiency bar, easily scaling to meet virtually any processing requirements without compromising ease of use, manageability or price/performance. SGI ICE 8400 delivers unsurpassed customer value, with breakthrough density, efficiency, reliability and manageability.

Built with High Performance Computing (HPC) in Mind

  • Cable-free blade enclosures, integrated switches, and a high-performance interconnect architecture easily scale to thousands of nodes.
  • Performance-dense architecture combines an innovative new board design, with the latest and most powerful Intel® Xeon® 5600 series processors or AMD Opteron™ 6200 series processors to deliver up to 64 blades per rack, totaling up to 1536 processing cores in a single 42U rack.

Delivers Unsurpassed Value and Efficiency

  • Advanced Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) features, including redundant power supplies, redundant cooling fans and hot-swappable blades.
  • SGI innovation in power/cooling, incorporates the field-proven SGI ICE 8400 power/cooling architecture that delivers leading rack-level power efficiency, with optional water-cooled doors.
  • Flexible configuration options enable customers to optimize for performance or cost, with customer value that scales with system size.

Drives Immediate Productivity - Power Up & Go!!!

  • SGI "Power Up & Go" design, with systems that are fully integrated and tested in the factory, enabling scalable cluster solutions in hours, not weeks.
  • Based on industry standards, delivered with SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server operating system or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, and a comprehensive cluster solution stack that includes the SGI® Management Suite system management software for quick deployment and easy management.
  • Backed 100% by SGI's world-class services organization, with an unmatched track record for successfully building, deploying and supporting the world's most complex technical computing systems.