SGI® Origin® 350

SGI Origin 350SGI® Origin® 350 technical servers are the only mid-range systems that enable truly modular, single-system configurations, providing completely independent scalability of I/O bandwidth, system bandwidth, computational performance, memory, storage, and visualization capabilities. Using the revolutionary SGI® NUMAflex® architecture, SGI Origin 350 technical servers deliver sustained, multi-dimensional performance in compact, affordable, rackmountable components.

High-Productivity Computing
SGI® Origin® 350 continues the renaissance in high-productivity computing with hardware and software solutions specifically optimized for complex technical computing tasks. With its compact form factor and individually scalable modules, SGI Origin 350 is an ideal choice for solving big problems in little packages. The SGI® IRGO™ workflow optimization features of the SGI® IRIX® operating system complement the modular scalability and customized configurations of SGI Origin 350. And SGI Origin 350 promotes the easy integration of HPC, visualization, and data management, maximizing productivity for the best return-on-investment.

Scalable, Customized Configurations
Leveraging the unique SGI® NUMAflex® shared-memory architecture, SGI Origin 350 supports customized configurations built with the following modules.

  • Compute Module and Compute Expansion
    As a standalone technical server, the compute SGI Origin 350 compute module boasts two or four processors, up to 8GB memory, 4 PCI-X slots1, two drive bays, and integrated power, all in 3.5 inches of rack space. As problem sizes grow, simply cable in additional compute modules for additional computational power, or expansion modules for I/O bandwidth, memory, storage, graphics, or system scalability.
  • I/O Expansion
    For big-bandwidth applications, users have a choice between PCI-X and PCI expansion modules. The PCI-X expansion module brings in four additional 64-bit, PCI-X slots in 3.5 inches of rack space. The PCI expansion module2 has 12 64-bit, PCI slots in 7 inches of rack height.
  • Memory Expansion
    Some applications require more memory, without the CPU overhead. The memory expansion module adds 8GB of additional memory capacity, as well as four additional PCI-X slots, in 3.5 inches.
  • Storage Expansion
    SGI Origin 350 supports connections to a variety of in-rack JBOD or external RAID storage devices in the SGI TotalPerformance family.
  • Graphics Expansion
    For many technical applications, visualization is the key to enhance collaboration and faster time-to-insight. SGI Origin 350 technical servers can be configured as SGI Onyx 350 visualization systems, with InfinitePerformance graphics cards inserted in dedicated slots in compute modules, or with additional modules for InfiniteReality graphics.
  • System Scalability
    As the keystone to modular scalability, the SGI NUMAlink module provides additional system bandwidth and eight NUMAlink ports for larger configurations. Using the NUMAlink module, users can easily create systems with as many as 32 processors, up to 64GB of memory, and up to 62 available PCI-X slots, all connected under a single IRIX operating system image, with room still leftover in the rack for storage expansion.