SGI® InfiniteStorage 15000

SGI InfiniteStorage 15000The SGI InfiniteStorage 15000 delivers a combination of industry leading performance for bandwidth intensive applications with the next step in storage density. Now, high bandwidth and archival storage needs can be met with a single system. Combine high performance SAS with high capacity SATA drives in an ultra dense 4U, 60 slot, drive enclosure. Manage up to 3.6 petabytes in two racks - reducing requirements for floor space, network infrastructure and management overhead.

Fast, efficient storage for streaming content
With the ability to stream data up to 6GB per second and specialized isochronous design, customers requiring the reliable delivery of real-time data streams will find the SGI InfiniteStorage 15000 ideally suited to their needs. With performance previously available only by aggregating multiple storage systems, SGI InfiniteStorage 15000 represents a new level of efficiency for the storage, management and delivery of digital content.

Allows high-speed loading of large data sets into supercomputer system memory
Scientists and product developers are increasingly utilizing multiple Terabyte system memories found in today's supercomputers. By loading very large data sets into system memory, analysis can be significantly accelerated compared to accessing external storage. The SGI InfiniteStorage 15000 is an ideal storage platform for the High Performance Computing environment because of its ability to stream data into system memory at an extremely high rate.