SGI® InfiniteStorage 16000

SGI InfiniteStorage 16000The SGI InfiniteStorage 16000 is the newest addition to the InfiniteStorage family, which delivers the optimum of mixed IO options in an extremely scalable and dense platform. To date, premium storage systems fall into two categories: those optimized for random IOPS or those optimized for bandwidth. The IS16000 is the first high performance platform to be optimized for BOTH bandwidth and IOPS. This means that the IS16000 provides a versatile high performance platform for diverse workflows.

Versatile Architecture
The IS16000 employs RAID, data integrity and data management software written from the ground up to take advantage of multi-core processors and modern bus architectures. Its highly threaded architecture allows performance to linearly scale with advances in underlying hardware. This same architecture allows the IS16000 to do what no other RAID controller has been able to do to date: to perform in the extreme range of both throughput and IOPS.

The IS16000 delivers up to 1 million random burst IOPS up to and 300,000 random IOPS to disk. Sequential block throughput performance up to 12GB/s for both reads and writes. Designed to house the most scalable unstructured file data, the system supports up to up to 1,200 drives of raw storage while enabling a combination of SAS, SATA or SSD drives.

Massively Multi-Threaded Storage Processing
A multi-threaded storage processing architecture ensures that both host I/Os and background data management functions are delivered with the highest speeds possible. The IS16000s high-speed storage processors are capable of delivering world-leading throughput and IOPS while also handling drive rebuild and correction with no application impact.

Balanced Storage Performance
Unpredictable storage growth demands a versatile storage foundation. The IS16000 is ideal for the most demanding transactional workloads and is also capable of delivering extreme storage bandwidth over 10GB/s.

Simple Scalability: Ready for the Content Explosion
Capable of supporting up to 1,200 drives behind a single storage system, the IS16000 is truly a petabyte-class system. Add as few as 5 drives at a time for simple, online volume growth.

Large Cache to Accelerate Read & Write I/Os
With over 16GB of high-speed, battery-protected storage cache, the IS16000 is designed to accelerate heavy read & write requests.

Extreme Storage Density
With over 200PB deployed in high-density storage packaging, the IS16000 designed for efficient power and floor space utilization. The IS16000 is capable of housing up to 1.8 Petabytes in a single 45U data center rack.

Intelligent Write Parallelism
The IS16000 is built with a data-aware storage engine designed to intelligently parallelize large data to achieve optimally efficient storage bandwidth.

Green Storage
Compared to traditional storage systems, the IS16000's high-density packaging requires 25% of the storage enclosures, power supplies and fans to dramatically reduce storage energy costs by up to 50%.

Designed for Storage Tiering
With the ability to mix SAS, SATA and SSD drives within a single, scalable platform the IS16000 enables storage consolidation and is capable of housing archive (SATA) and transactional (SAS/SSD) tiers to eliminate storage system sprawl.