SGI® InfiniteStorage 220

SGI InfiniteStorage 220The SGI InfiniteStorage 220 simplifies initial deployment and ongoing management with fully integrated software and a flexible appliance-like design with solutions delivering maximum value for data backup, disaster recovery, and general file storage applications.

The Cost Efficiencies of Consolidation
Centralization and consolidation-by eliminating redundant administration efforts-allow today's cost-conscious IT teams to introduce operation efficiencies and minimize resource expenditures. Requirements can be combined across groups and departments, with the SGI InfiniteStorage 220 solutions providing an improved cost-per-GB ratio and storage asset utilization. Businesses benefit from increased availability and RAID protection for data. IT teams can simplify deployment and backup efforts with a modular system that seamlessly integrates multi-tiered storage and minimizes the effort required for data replication.

The Simplicity of Local Storage
Alternative SAN solutions introduce complex storage architectures and often require dedicated storage experts within the IT organization. The SGI InfiniteStorage 220, in contrast, offers the convenience and ease of an appliance. This starts with a choice for host connectivity, with either SAS or Fibre Channel connections, depending on the existing infrastructure. Deployment and configurations are accomplished with only basic familiarity with servers and storage. Software is fully integrated to shorten installation times, and an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to introduce automation and streamline configuration and management tasks. Capacity scaling, RAID group expansion, and other tasks are carried out rapidly with the efficient browser-like interface. A single storage platform can be used to mix and match both Serial ATA (SATA) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives, keeping a consistent management process across all deployed storage. Optional Flash Copy and Volume Copy utilities simplify data replication within dual-controller configurations.

Start Small — Add as You Grow
Small, cost-effective configurations allow businesses of any size to take advantage of a pay-as-you-grow strategy for storage. Each SGI InfiniteStorage 220 platform can be configured with one or two controllers. Each controller supports two 4GB/s Fibre Channel ports or three 3GB/s SAS ports. Twelve integrated disk drives and up to 36 additional drives (in three add-on enclosures) allow a single SGI InfiniteStorage 220 solution to expand to a total of 24TB of storage (with current 500GB SATA drives). The SGI InfiniteStorage 220 solutions overcome the data management challenges of today, and allow businesses to manage multiple drive technologies and expanding capacities without introducing complexity


  • Cost-effective storage area network (SAN) solution for consolidating storage
  • Direct-attached solution that can be shared within multi-server environments
  • RAID protection for mission-critical data assets
  • Scalable platform for affordable expansion

Features and Benefits

  • Plug-and-play design
  • Integrated software for ease of management
  • Reduced administration times