SGI® InfiniteStorage 4000

SGI InfiniteStorage 4000The SGI InfiniteStorage 4000 is a multi-purpose RAID system that extends the performance of 4 GB Fibre Channel architecture to the mid-range storage market. Designed with versatility in mind, the SGI InfiniteStorage 4000 can be tuned for high-performance, lowest effective cost or maximized for price/performance, depending on the requirements of your application.

Reduces Management Overhead
Manage and protect your business information more efficiently than on older generation technology. By deploying your business critical information on an InfiniteStorage 4000 you can decrease management overhead while improving performance and data protection.

Flexibile Drive Configurations
Mix high-performance Fibre Channel drives with low cost SATA drives to manage multiple storage tiers with one system. Reduce costs, meet multiple service levels, and eliminate the complexity of managing dispersed data.

Easy Email Archiving
Allow your end users to be more productive by reducing the amount of time spent managing email. Use up to 54TB capacity of the SGI InfiniteStorage 4000 as an email archive target.