SGI® InfiniteStorage 4100

SGI InfiniteStorage 4100The SGI InfiniteStorage 4100 brings high performance and capability to a wide range of requirements, giving customers the peace of mind that their data is available and protected. It combines the performance of next generation 8Gb/s Fibre Channel host interface with a proven modular architecture that allow customers to start small and grow over time.

The InfiniteStorage 4100 is equally adept at supporting high IOPs requirements, such as databases and OLTP, and bandwidth-intensive applications, such as High Performance Computing. Benefiting from an established history of balanced performance with the SGI InfiniteStorage 4000-series, the InfiniteStorage 4100 is well suited for the diverse demands and mixed workloads of the challenging environments SGI serves.

Delivering Real TCO Benefits, Storage Efficiencies and Reduced Risk
With exceptional per drive performance, configuration efficiency and enclosure-based FC/SATA drive intermixing the SGI InfiniteStorage 4100 assures lower drive and enclosure requirements. Seamless on-line scalability addresses growth as requirements change.

These unique capabilities reduce the number of drives needed to meet performance and/or capacity demands lower acquisition and operational expenditures. As environmental costs rise, customers can mitigate risk by reducing rack space requirements, and power and cooling demands with the InfiniteStorage 4100.

Field-Proven SGI InfiniteStorage 4000 Series
Customers can deploy the SGI InfiniteStorage 4100 with confidence, knowing that it employs a common management interface with other 4000 series products. This commonality enables lower TCO by reducing management complexity and offering centralized administration. Additionally, previous generation systems like the InfiniteStorage 4000 can be seamlessly upgraded to the InfiniteStorage 4100. Alternately the InfiniteStorage 4100 can be upgraded to even higher performing and capable InfiniteStorage 4600 systems. In each instance, all configuration and user data remains intact on the drives.

Two Versions of the Platform
IS4100 & IS4100-SP — The platform comes in the base IS4100 Custom line, with especially tuned firmware intended for SGI high-performance compute environments. With the addition of the IS4100-SP version of the platform, it now also comes generic firmware, and is ideal for customers integrating the platform into heterogeneous environments with products from other vendors.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP line includes RAID-based configurations with comprehensive interconnect support for iSCSI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and SAS. They are application-ready for the Oracle Database, VMWare, and Microsoft enterprise software including: SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint. The -SP line offer heterogeneous support with the flexibility to tightly integrate with SGI compute line environments, to operate as standalone storage, as well as integrating with other OEM compute lines such as IBM, Sun, DELL, and HP.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP solutions address the requirements of the most cost-conscious small businesses up to the most demanding data-intensive enterprise environments. With support for all common operating systems including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple Mac OS X and SGI InfiniteStorage products can be deployed to any open systems environment.