SGI® InfiniteStorage 4500

SGI InfiniteStorage 4500The SGI InfiniteStorage 4500 addresses the highest performance, scalability and availability requirements for high performance computing applications and Enterprise business applications. Excelling in both transaction-oriented and bandwidth-intensive environments, the InfiniteStorage 4500 is the choice for the most intense workloads in environments where robust functionality with bullet-proof availability must be maintained.

State of the art performance
The InfiniteStorage 4500 delivers uncompromising performance with each Fibre Channel host providing up to 400MB/second and up to four host ports per adapter. Alternatively the native InfiniBand host connectivity makes the InfiniteStorage 4500 perfect for high-performance cluster computing.

The versatility to meet business requirements
The InfiniteStorage 4500 can be tuned to your particular storage needs. Whether your application demands guaranteed bandwidth or exceptional IOPS the InfiniteStorage 4500 can be deployed in a configuration that meets your requirements. Organizational storage requirements are constantly evolving - due to shifting business conditions or increased storage demands - and the InfiniteStorage 4500 scales easily and economically up to 112 TB to accomodate these changes.

Continous Availability
The SGI InfiniteStorage 4500 ensures that your critical data remains accessible through the highest reliability components and high availability features such as fully redundant I/O paths, automated failover, hot-swappable components and online administration.