SGI® InfiniteStorage 4600

SGI InfiniteStorage 4600SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 can be seamlessly integrated into any high performance computing enterprise environment to meet the exacting requirements of data intensive applications, high I/O workloads and large-scale consolidation and virtualization. It provides the flexibility for organizations to combine an array of network interfaces and disk drives in a single system to support the relentlessly escalating storage and processing demands of today's datacenter.

Performance, Capacity and Flexibility
SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 features a RAID engine with ASIC-based design and embedded memory controller with industry-leading memory bandwidth to deliver expanded functionality and flexibility.

Host interfaces are designed to maximize utilization of capacity, with Fibre Channel drive channels providing double the data transfer rate of previous solutions.

In addition to its industry leading performance, the SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 also features unmatched configuration flexibility so that customers can achieve a tiered storage environment that accommodates RAID block storage, high capacity environments, consolidation and virtualization initiatives and a variety of data management needs.

Comprehensive Storage Management Made Easy
SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 features a Java-based GUI for easy administration, delivering enhanced configuration flexibility, custom performance tuning and a variety of replication options. The solution also allows continuous access to user data during administrative tasks, including expansion and maintenance of the system.

Two Versions of the Platform
IS4600 & IS4600-SP — The platform comes in the base IS4600 Custom line, with especially tuned firmware intended for SGI high-performance compute environments. With the addition of the IS4600-SP version of the platform, it now also comes generic firmware, and is ideal for customers integrating the platform into heterogeneous environments with products from other vendors.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP line includes RAID-based configurations with comprehensive interconnect support for iSCSI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and SAS. They are application-ready for the Oracle Database, VMWare, and Microsoft enterprise software including: SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint. The -SP line offer heterogeneous support with the flexibility to tightly integrate with SGI compute line environments, to operate as standalone storage, as well as integrating with other OEM compute lines such as IBM, Sun, DELL, and HP.

The SGI InfiniteStorage SP solutions address the requirements of the most cost-conscious small businesses up to the most demanding data-intensive enterprise environments. With support for all common operating systems including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple Mac OS X and SGI InfiniteStorage products can be deployed to any open systems environment.