SGI® InfiniteStorage TP900

SGI InfiniteStorage TP900The SGI Total Performance 900 (TP900) storage system provides easy, modular, high-performance JBOD storage. The TP900 emphasizes maximum throughput in a compact form factor, with up to eight SCSI disks-over one terabyte of data-in only 3.5 inches of rack space (2U).

TP900 storage systems connect easily as disk modules to the integrated SCSI port of the SGI Origin 300 server or as a stand-alone device attached to Origin 3000 Series or Onyx3000 systems. With your choice of one or two Ultra160 SCSI channels and the latest, state-of-the-art SCSI 300GB - 10,000 RPM or 73GB - 15,000 RPM disk drives, the TP900 can be optimized for either fast retrieval or deep-archive configurations.

The standard TP900 configuration is a single SCSI channel connection containing one to eight SCSI disk drives. As an option, the enhanced bandwidth feature will configure the TP900 with two Ultra160 SCSI channels, which doubles the peak bandwidth. The two SCSI channels can be attached to either a single host or two different host servers.


  • Space-saving low-profile design
  • High capacity -- over 2.4TB in 2U
  • High performance industry standard Ultra160 SCSI
  • Enhanced availability
  • Easy configuration
  • Competitively priced disk array