SGI® InfiniteStorage TP9100

SGI InfiniteStorage TP9100SGI Total Performance 9100 (TP9100) is a cost-effective, modular, high-performance Fibre Channel RAID or JBOD storage array. The unique architecture of SGI® TP9100 provides great flexibility, from entry level JBOD to highly scalable RAID-protected configurations. The TP9100 storage system provides optimum price/performance for large-scale data-intensive applications in media, imaging, sciences, and energy.

The standard-setting integrated enclosure originally introduced with TP9100 1Gb is now enhanced to provide 33% more drives in 25% less rack space with TP9100 2Gb. This maintains the TP9100 system's position as the industry's density leader. Users can scale capacity, scale RAID performance, and scale JBOD performance with simple upgrades. The industry-leading TP9100 system is at the forefront of Fibre Channel technology, delivering the critical bandwidth and flexibility needed to solve the word's toughest data access problems.


  • Leading-edge technology: TP9100 2Gb utilizes high-performance 2Gb Fibre Channel technology throughout, from host connection to back-end drives.
  • Economical: TP9100 2Gb provides the low-cost option for users who want to transition from 1Gb RAID platforms.
  • Economy of space: High-density enclosure houses 16 discrete disk drives in only 5.25 vertical inches (three rack units) providing the highest performance in the smallest space.
  • Integrated packaging: Easy field conversion from JBOD to RAID is achieved by simply adding RAID controllers rather than adding control enclosures.
  • Scalability: RAID configurations scale from 4 to 64 drives, offering up to 4.6TBs of capacity; JBOD configurations scale from 4 to 96 drives, offering 7TBs of capacity.
  • Flexibility: JBOD configurations can be reconfigured in the field to provide twice the host paths (4) and twice the bandwidth (800MB-per-second peak) for video-on-demand and buffer pool storage of computational-intense applications.
  • Investment protection: TP9100 2Gb is supported in a 1Gb SAN environment, providing users with the features and benefits of the latest technology while allowing a paced, measured transition from 1Gb infrastructure.
  • High performance: 400MB-per-second bandwidth (peak) for RAID reduces the number of controllers and enclosures required for HDTV applications.
  • High availability: Standard redundancy for power, cooling, and device pathing and hot-swap components throughout ensure uninterrupted access to data, a critical requirement for environments such as manufacturing, in which lost development time means reduced competitiveness.
  • Outstanding price/performance: The architecture of TP9100 2Gb allows researchers to maximize bandwidth capability while minimizing the impact upon grant dollars and budget.
  • Comprehensive management tools: The Total Performance Manager provides parity checking and backup, mapping of data in a SAN, configuration, and monitoring tools.