SGI® InfiniteStorage TP9300

SGI InfiniteStorage TP9300SGI® TP9300 is a modular 2Gb Fibre Channel storage array that delivers a unique combination of advanced storage management features and scalability at a value-based entry price. Customers striving to harness the data tsunami seek a storage platform that offers a low acquisition cost and the ability to scale to match expected data growth, and still deliver the performance and functionality necessary for business critical applications. The versatile TP9300 system will easily manage data access as localized storage for moderate workloads and can be upgraded to the high-performance SGI® TP9500 system if more demanding networked storage is required. Designed as an affordable entry-level storage array, SGI TP9300 shares advanced software features, heterogeneous host support, and drive expansion modules with the SGI TP9500. Together, the two systems provide a storage platform with breadth for customers desiring flexibility in their storage investment.


  • Scalability for storage consolidation: SGI TP9300 is designed with an end-to-end 2Gb Fibre Channel architecture and supports four FC-AL or four FC-SW host interfaces. Two redundant 2Gb Fibre Channel drive channels support up to 112 drives and over 16TB of raw capacity. As investment protection against future capacity growth, SGI TP9300 can be upgraded to the higher-performing SGI TP9500 system and support up to 224 drives and over 32.7TB.
  • Advanced storage management: SGI TP9300 is a value-based storage array with optional advanced software features previously available only on expensive monolithic storage arrays. An intuitive Web user interface allows for centralized management across multiple SGI TP9300 or SGI TP9500 arrays from any system on the network.
  • High-availability features: For business-critical or disaster recovery solutions, advanced software features like Remote Volume Mirroring provide remote synchronous data replication. The Volume Copy feature provides a synchronous mirror of data within a single array, where both copies of data are accessible at any time. SnapCopy creates a point-in-time copy of data that is mappable to any host and can be read from, written to, or copied.
  • Heterogeneous host support: SGI TP9300 can be attached directly or through a fabric to a number of host environments, including IRIX®, Windows® 2000, Linux®, Solaris™, and NetWare®. Using the SGI TPSSM Partitions feature, a single array can be divided into a maximum of 64 logical partitions and shared across multiple heterogeneous hosts.
  • Multi-OS SAN file sharing: Using Multi-OS clients of the SGI® CXFS™ shared filesystem, TP9300 can share data across a heterogeneous SAN. Manage your data in a single scalable filesystem and share across multiple, simultaneous clients, including IRIX, Solaris, Windows NT®, Windows 2000, 32-bit Linux, 64-bit Linux, and AIX®.
  • Performance upgrade without data migration: Upgrade to the high-performance SGI TP9500 system with minimal disruption and without the need to reformat data. The SGI TP9300 data format is identical, so customers simply re-cable existing drives and connect to the new SGI TP9500 controller.