SGI® InfiniteStorage TP9700

SGI InfiniteStorage TP9700The SGI InfiniteStorage TP9700 (SGI TP9700) storage system combines a high-performance 4Gb Fibre Channel architecture with increased host connectivity to deliver industry-leading levels of bandwidth. Customers with data-intensive applications will appreciate the increased connectivity provided by the TP9700's eight 4Gb/s host channels and realize up to 1600MB/s of sustained bandwidth through these channels to the host servers or Fibre Channel SAN.

Increased Connectivity Improves Data Access
Each 4Gb host channel will deliver up to 400MB/s peak bandwidth. Customers historically relied on multiplexing several 2Gb Fibre Channel streams to deliver the bandwidth now available from a single 4Gb connection. Applications requiring high-bandwidth streaming data can now develop storage solutions using 4Gb Fibre Channel links not possible previously with 2Gb infrastructure. As the entertainment industry moves towards high definition content delivery, special effects artists can work on true HD streams of over 320MB/s to their workstation on a single 4Gb wire.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Customer using 2Gb Fibre Channel SANs to deliver a specific level of application bandwidth will now require roughly half as much infrastructure to deliver this same level of bandwidth by using 4Gb Fibre Channel technology. The TP9700 storage system with 4Gb technology is a sound platform for the development of high-performance throughput SANs. Fibre Channel SANs based on the TP9700 will lead to simpler fabric designs and higher overall availability due to the reduced number of parts, thereby reducing the initial acquisition costs as well as the total cost of ownership.

Centralize All Your Data Access, Protection and Lifecycle Management Functions for Additional TCO benefits

  • Pre-Configured SAN and NAS Solution Platforms: Pre-configured solution platforms add capability and simplify configuration choices. The TP9700 is available as an integral part of the SGI® InfiniteStorage NAS 3000 and the SGI® InfiniteStorage SAN 3000.
  • High-Availability: Add application failover to your environment. SGI InfiniteStorage high-availability clustering software automatically fails over applications and user connections on failure or manually, to allow for uninterrupted service during routine maintenance.
  • Backup & Restore: SGI is the world record holder for backup performance with the only complete backup solution built specifically for high performance environments. Make your environment more productive and safer by taking control of backup and restore times and reliability. Options include your choice of industry-leading backup software packages, including Legato and Atempo, as well as disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape backup.
  • Data Lifecycle Management (DLM): Accommodate the changing value of data over time without limiting user access. SGI® InfiniteStorage DLM solutions provide lower cost and faster access to data than traditional offerings. By combining RAID, Serial ATA, tape and other storage devices into a virtual storage pool, SGI DLM solutions automatically manage data to your requirements, ensuring accurate, accountable, and cost-effective retention.