SGI® InfiniteStorage TP9700 with InfiniBand

SGI InfiniteStorage TP9700For the first time, customers can leverage previous investments in InfiniBand technology by directly connecting servers in an existing InfiniBand cluster with native InfiniBand storage systems from SGI using commercially available InfiniBand products. SGI InfiniteStorage TP9700 with native InfiniBand interfaces enables the storage system to attach directly into the existing InfiniBand fabric, simplifying the infrastructure, improving performance and lowering costs.


  • Native InfiniBand interface
    SGI InfiniteStorage TP9700 with native InfiniBand interface provides a cost and performance advantage over Fibre Channel-based or gateway-based solutions for high performance and technical computing environments already utilizing InfiniBand as the server clustering interconnect.

    Compared to Fibre Channel, InfiniBand offers lower costs and higher per channel throughput (10Gb/s versus 4Gb/s). Unlike gateway-based solutions, which are expensive, native InfiniBand interfaces require no protocol conversions, enabling higher performance and lower latency at lower costs.

  • Single network for servers and storage
    It is costly to add a Fibre Channel network just for storage. A single, unified network for servers and storage is easier to manage and expand than two separate networks.
  • 4x 10Gb/s InfiniBand ports
    High per-channel bandwidth delivers maximum throughput across a minimum number of InfiniBand connections, saving switch ports and lowering acquisition and service costs.
  • Up to 1600MB/s per second peak bandwidth
    With native InfiniBand connectivity and the ability to sustain exceptional throughput on sequential reads from disk and writes to disk, TP9700 with InfiniBand is designed to excel in bandwidth intensive, large-block applications.
  • Fibre Channel or SATA drives
    By offering modules with high-performance Fibre Channel or high capacity SATA disk, custom configurations can be built to address specific requirements. Fibre Channel drive modules are designed to optimize performance while SATA drive modules provide lowest cost per GB storage.
  • Comprehensive storage management
    Powerful, yet easy to use management software enables centralized administration of multiple storage systems from any location on the network-regardless of host or client platform.