Silicon Graphics Fuel®

The Silicon Graphics Fuel visual workstation maximizes the performance of your desktop applications while offering you unprecedented price/performance value. A premium blend of industry-leading technology from SGI, Silicon Graphics Fuel features the latest MIPS® R16000™ processor and the unparalleled VPro™ 3D graphics system for IRIX® in a new high-bandwidth architecture. Drive your creativity and productivity to a new level with Silicon Graphics Fuel.

Tezro is powered by up to four MIPS® processors in an advanced high-bandwidth architecture leveraged from the SGI® 3000 family of high-performance supercomputers and delivers industry-leading visualization, digital media, and I/O connectivity on the desktop. Tezro is designed to help topflight individuals and teams deliver cutting-edge results in ever-shorter production cycles--whether you are an innovative designer, scientist, engineer, defense specialist, film producer, or geophysicist.