SGI® Onyx® 3000

The SGI Onyx 3000 series with InfiniteReality4 graphics delivers unique high-fidelity visualization, with leadership computing, and data management power required by today's technical and creative users. Based on the acclaimed third generation SGI® NUMAflex® architecture, this system gives you the industry's greatest visual realism, allowing you to achieve exceptional dynamic rendering, interactivity, and group collaboration. You can have the power of the SGI® Onyx® family with unprecedented modularity to meet the shifting demands of any organization or project.

InfiniteReality4™ graphics integrates 2D, 3D, volumetric, and video data into a seamless visualization environment. It delivers the industry's best image quality through the use of 8 subsample full-scene anti-aliasing, 48-bit RGBA, interactive volume rendering, 1GByte of texture memory, up to 10GBbyte of frame buffer memory, and a host of other features. Whether you are trying to traverse and analyze unlimited amounts of data, make movies or high-definition on-air graphics, or drive immersive displays, InfiniteReality4 graphics have the power and versatility to meet your needs.