SGI® Onyx® 350

A mid-range system designed from the ground up to support advanced visualization, high-performance computing, and storage, SGI Onyx 350 is available in a range of configurations for visual supercomputing. Based on the acclaimed third-generation SGI® NUMAflex® architecture, SGI Onyx 350 offers two different graphics subsystems, InfinitePerformance™ graphics, or InfiniteReality4™ graphics, giving you a choice between the industry's highest interactive performance or the industry's greatest visual realism.

SGI Onyx 350 features up to 32 MIPS® R16000™ 700 or 800 MHz CPUs, 64GB of high-performance shared memory, up to eight graphics pipes, and optional integrated digital media. It offers up to 22GB per second of sustained I/O bandwidth to support high bandwidth data acquisition and analysis applications and the fifth-generation 64-bit IRIX® 6.5 operating system with industry-leading real-time response, serviceability, and reliability. You can now have the power of the SGI® Onyx® family with unprecedented modularity to meet the shifting demands of any organization or project. You can scale graphics, CPU, storage, and I/O components independently, allowing you to deploy, upgrade, service, expand, and redeploy your system in every possible dimension.

SGI Onyx 350 provides a supercomputer architecture with truly scalable CPUs, huge shared memory, and scalable I/O bandwidth to handle a department's large data sets. All of the data can be visualized, enabling the creation of designs and analysis of problems that would be impossible on desktop UNIX® or Windows® systems. Whether the problem calls for InfiniteReality4 graphics to visualize large volumetric data or the InfinitePerformance graphics for large polygonal data sets, Onyx 350 provides the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively create knowledge from the data at affordable prices.