SGI® Rackable® Servers

Half-Depth Servers Standard-Depth Servers Four-Way Servers
High density, high efficiency solution that mount back to back to achieve twice the density while enabling more efficient cooling strategies through the use of a central air plenum. Deliver top value and performance, based on SGI expertise in designing and delivering the most advanced performance computing systems available. SGI four-socket servers offer impressive levels of performance, density and capacity. These systems are ideal for both enterprise and high performance computing environments.

Power Options

As part of our turnkey rack-level services, SGI professionals will configure rack layouts to meet specific data center requirements. Our racks accommodate a wide variety of power options, including the following options commonly supported for North American deployments:

Data Center
Voltage Amps Rack Plug Data Center
Rack Power
AC 120 20 L5-20P L5-20R AC
AC 120 30 L5-30P L5-30R AC
AC 240 20 L6-20P L6-20R AC
AC 208-240 30 L6-30P L6-30R AC or DC
DC -48 Varies NA Varies DC