SGI UV - The Big Brain for No-Limit Computing


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SGI UV: The Big Brain Computer

  • World's Largest In-Memory System for Data-Intensive Problems

  • Focus on Solving Your Problems, Not IT Problems

  • No Limit Computing, Built on Industry Standards

SGI UV is the ideal platform to accelerate the pace of innovation in all areas of decision support, genomics and bioscience, chemistry and materials, physics, integrative systems science, national security, product design, and other data-intensive fields.

This latest SGI UV product family can scale a single system image (SSI) to a maximum of 2,048 cores (4,096 threads) because of its innovative NUMAlink® interconnect. SGI UV supports the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 product family, and can operate unmodified versions of Linux - SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. SGI UV is the only solution that currently leverages the power of Intel's latest CPU beyond 4 sockets and 1.5TB memory per system.

World's Largest In-Memory System for Data-Intensive Problems

SGI UV scalable, coherent shared memory systems address a broad range of the most demanding data-intensive applications.

SGI UV allows users to solve their most demanding problems with fast, scalable performance, operating at up to 64 terabytes of memory.

No Limit Computing, Built on Industry Standards

With SGI UV, users can leave the node memory limits of scale-out computing behind, on an open platform built on industry standard hardware and software. Configurations start as small as just four sockets, and can optimally grow by simply adding blades, maintaining the correct balance of compute, memory and IO networking or storage capability. SGI UV also supports scalable graphics accelerator cards, including NVIDIA® Quadro®, NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 GPU computing accelerator and Intel® Xeon Phi™.

Focus on Solving Your Problems, Not IT Problems

SGI UV operates just like a workstation and is far less complex to manage than traditional scale-out systems with many nodes. Further, applications can scale without the complexity of multi-instance software. Because of the huge capacity available on SGI UV, users can consolidate complete workflows in a single system, with the lowest IT burden per compute core versus comparable clusters or scale-out systems.