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Features & Benefits

Modular Blade Design
Multiple options in compute blades with respect to number of cores, processor speed and memory
  • Unlimited flexibility and control over system configuration
  • Improved performance density
  • Optimize for any workload (large compute, memory or I/O)
Compatible with Future Technology
Socket compatible with future Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Investment protection
  • Expand on demand
  • Easily upgrade or service individual components
Scalable System Size
Scales to 256 sockets (2,048 cores, 4,096 threads) system size and as much as 64TB memory
  • Superior sustained performance for any programming model or workload
  • Breakthrough performance for data-intensive applications
  • Simplified programming with single system image (SSI)
  • Easy, low-cost administration
NUMAlink® 6 (NL6) Interconnect, MPI Support
High bandwidth, very low latency, MPI Offload Engine
  • Industry-leading cluster application efficiency to hundreds of processors or more
  • Scale up to thousands of CPU cores while retaining coherent memory addressing to petascale
SGI Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS)
Fault prevention, detection, recovery and memory RAS

  • Maximum uptime, higher utilization
Standards-Based Design
Industry standard CPUs, memory and I/O
  • Linux® performance and choice without compromised capability
  • Leading price-performance versus RISC/Unix servers
  • SGI-level quality at an affordable cost
Certified on Multiple Operating Systems
Industry-standard Linux (SUSE® or RedHat®)
  • Runs standard x86 software
  • One-stop support options