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SGI UV 300 and SGI UV 30EX

Solve the Most Demanding Data-Intensive Problems
Part of the SGI UV server line for high performance in-memory computing, newly enhanced SGI UV 300 and SGI UV 30EX are advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems designed for data-intensive, I/O heavy workloads such as data analytics, visualization, and real-time streaming.

SGI UV 300 now scales up to 64 CPU sockets and 64TB of cache-coherent shared memory in a single system. Enabling such powerful in-memory computing capability is 7th generation SGI NUMAlink® ASIC technology, providing extreme bandwidth, ultra-low latency network interconnects. UV 300 can be leveraged as a "super node" for clustered high performance computing (HPC) and, equipped with an integrated MPI Offload Engine, fully optimize applications developed for distributed computing.

Designed for smaller data-intensive environments, SGI UV 30EX is a 5U, 4-socket server providing up to 6TB of in-memory computing power. It too is equipped with an MPI Offload engine and can be upgraded to the scalable UV 300 if future needs change.

Single System Simplicity with Extreme Scalability
SGI UV 300 features a modular design that enables users to grow their system without adding complexity. A 5U chassis contains 4 sockets and integrated NUMAlink ASICs. By adding additional chassis and using an All-to-All network topology, UV 300 can scale up to 32 sockets and 48TB in a single rack. Using a Multi-dimensional All-to-All network topology, up to 8 more chassis can be added (totaling two racks) to scale UV 300 up to 64 sockets, 3,072 threads, and 64TB - all operating as a single system!

Flexible, Open, Energy Efficient
Featuring Intel® Xeon® E7-8800 v4 and Intel® Xeon® E7-4800 v4 processors with twenty-four DIMMs per socket, UV 300's x86 architecture delivers a high memory to processor ratio. To protect and scale existing UV 300 investments, chassis utilizing Intel® Xeon® E7-8800 v3 or v2 processors are also available. NVIDIA® Quadro® and NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors can also be added. A choice of unmodified SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux operating systems make the UV 300 ideal for standard ISV and open source applications as well as custom codes. And SGI's innovative air or water cooling helps lower energy costs.

High Performance Storage with Fast Access
Industry-standard PCIe Gen3 expansion slots provide countless options for persistent storage with fast I/O. For storage systems, select from the entire SGI InfiniteStorage line of Storage Servers, RAID and tape libraries, as well as industry-standard 3rd party offerings. For storage software, leverage Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre, SGI CXFS™, or industry standard XFS® file systems, SGI XVM® volume management, SGI DMF™ tiered data management, and 3rd party backup solutions.

Thinking SAP HANA?
SGI UV 300H is a model of the SGI UV 300 supercomputer designed for large or growing SAP HANA environments. Currently SAP-certified up to 20 sockets and 20TB of computing capacity, UV 300H is designed to scale to 32 sockets and 32TB of cache-coherent shared memory as a single node.

Thinking Oracle Database In-Memory?
SGI UV 300RL is a model of the SGI UV 300 supercomputer designed for large or growing Oracle 12c Database In-Memory environments. The system is certified and factory-installed with Oracle Linux with UEK to provide from 4-32 sockets and 1-24TB of cache-coherent shared memory as a single system.