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The Premier Software Environment for High Performance Computing

Advanced HPC Software
SGI software innovation and Linux® flexibility builds upon SGI hardware innovation to deliver optimum application performance, system reliability, and management efficiency for the most demanding HPC environments. By leveraging our best-in-class software ecosystem, users, developers, and system administrators can solve their most difficult computing challenges with greater success and lower cost.

  • Limit power use job, node, rack or system level to fit power envelope
  • Insulate users and avoid costly downtime from memory errors
  • Scale systems seamlessly with multi-generation processors and networking
  • Provision thousands of nodes in minutes and automatically
  • Enjoy software consistency across SGI scale-out and scale-up platforms
  • Deliver petascale storage with extreme performance and tiered efficiency
  • Provide remote 3D visualization and enable real-time collaboration
  • Maximize system uptime and improve operational efficiency with SGI Remote Services
Performance Libraries and Tools
Utilizing MPI 3.0 compliant libraries and standard-distribution Linux, SGI® Performance Suite fuels HPC applications to achieve breakthrough speed and scale. A feature-rich tool set optimizes application placement, enables application tuning at runtime without recompiling, and can boost performance up to 70%. Fine-grain metrics facilitate MPI analysis. Checkpoint restarts augment productivity. And hard real-time performance can be realized without special kernels on standard Linux. Coupled with world-class application expertise, SGI takes Linux to the next level.
System Management
Spanning bare-metal provisioning and protection against memory failure, to 24x7 systems monitoring, task automation, and innovative power optimization, SGI® Management Suite helps maximize productivity and achieve high return on investment. Administrators can deploy systems and upgrades with unparalleled speed, proactively manage system health and energy consumption, and deliver consistently high service levels — enabling users to run more jobs in less time and without interruption.
Linux Ecosystem
SGI delivers the world's most powerful supercomputers and rack-mount servers equipped with standard RHEL or SuSE Linux. Whether in specialized or mixed HPC application environments, users capitalize on TOP500 performance without having to adapt or rewrite codes to proprietary libraries and compilers. Our standards-based approach also gives users and administrators the flexibility to leverage leading offerings from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) across the Linux ecosystem, further lowering costs, reducing complexity, and accelerating time to results.
Resource & Workload Scheduling
Leverage Altair PBS Professional and our long-standing integration partnership with Altair to manage dynamic and unpredictable workloads efficiently, provide power-aware scheduling, and maximize valuable HPC resources. Administrators also have the flexibility to utilize Adaptive Computing MOAB® HPC Suite and SLURM workload manager for select platforms.
Data Management Software
Achieve extreme storage performance and optimum cost-efficiency for infinite amounts of data with SGI's Tiered Data Management solutions.

Remote Visualization
SGI® VizServer® provides remote, secure, low latency access to 3D graphic-intensive applications in a virtual Linux or Windows® desktop environment.

Linux Software Development
Partnering with Intel®, Allinea, Portland Group, and Rogue Wave Software, SGI® Development Suite offers a rich environment for HPC application development, debugging, and performance analysis. SGI also brings extensive application expertise and provides a variety of tips and training videos with our developer tools to further help developers optimize Linux-based codes.