MIPSpro™ C++ Compiler

C++ is the language of choice for developers who want to maximize their productivity and code reuse. The object-oriented advantages that come from well-defined interfaces, encapsulation of data and functions, object reuse, class hierarchies, and modularity attract developers working on a variety of programming projects.

SGI offers a ProDev™ WorkShop C++ bundle that combines state-of-the-art C++ compilers and the ProDev WorkShop tool for debugging and analyzing object-oriented code. This ProDev™ C++ development environment includes compilers, libraries, and tools for all levels of C++ programming, providing a complete set of tools that help developers be more productive and ensure the quality of C++ based software systems.

ProDev C++ includes:

C++ Compiler

As of the 7.4 release, MIPSpro C has been improved to support the full International ANSI C++ standard with the exception of a small number of features which would break our existing binary compatibility. MIPSpro C++ is a high-performance, optimizing compiler designed to take advantage of the hardware features of SGI® computers, including processor architecture, memory hierarchy, and system architecture.

The following new features have been added in the 7.4 release:

  • Standard compliant compilation mode is now the default (-LANG:std=on)
  • With the IRIX® 6.5.18 OS, placement of standard C library function header files in namespace std is provided
  • Standard conformant Digraphs
  • Standard conformant conversion of new identifiers
  • Function level try blocks
  • ANSI standard conformant exception specifications
  • ANSI standard conformant binary operators
  • Support for long long in <limits> header file
  • Support for # operator in macros

MIPSpro C++ gives you flexibility to control optimizations by providing a variety of flags to enhance the performance of the application at run time. Select a 32-bit or 64-bit programming model to suit the performance and data-addressing needs of your application.