MIPSpro™ ANSI C Compiler

Now Supports ISO/IEC c99 Standard
As of the 7.4 release of the MIPSpro C Compiler, the C compiler supports the c99 standard when invoked with the -c99 flag or when the c99 command is used. Other new features with this release of the compiler include:

  • _Bool, _Complex, and _Imaginary keywords and data types
  • _Complex type mathematical functions
  • Variable declaration in for loops
  • Compound literals
  • __func__ predefined identifier
  • Flexible array structure members
  • Restricted qualified pointers
  • Variable arguments in macros
  • Interspersed code and declarations
  • Designated initializers for arrays, structures, and unions

In addition, new functions for wide-character support and new format modifiers for printf() are provided in the C Standard library (libc) in IRIX® 6.5.18.

The MIPSpro ANSI C Compiler conforms to the ISO/ANSI C standard as well as the standard defined by Kernigan and Ritchie in The C Programming Language. The IRIX® compiler takes advantage of special instructions on MIPS® processor-based architectures, creating efficient executables.

Automatic parallelization of C code is available with the APO option.