IRIX® Development Foundation and Libraries

Basic Development Tools, Libraries, and Utilities

The IRIX Development Foundation and Libraries Software includes all of the libraries and utilities a developer needs to do basic software development on IRIX.

The Foundation for Software Development

The IRIX Development Foundation (IDF) contains libraries, header files, a linker, assembler and other common tools necessary for hosting software development. It does not contain a C compiler. While the basic functionality required for the use of third-party compilers will be bundled into this software, SGI will not support or guarantee the functionality of third-party compilers.

IDF Features:

  • Standard tools such as the linker and loader, headers, parallel make, and others
  • MIPSpro compiler components (not a full compiler)
  • Language-specific headers, libraries, and documentation
  • SpeedShop performance tools
  • ProDev WorkShop evaluation copy

The IRIX Development Libraries (IDL) contain additional libraries and documentation useful for creating graphics, multimedia and user-interface components of your program. Scientific and math libraries are included as well as OpenGL and the popular ViewKit user interface library.

IDL Features:

  • Digital Media Library, including audio, MIDI, video, compression, audio file, movie, DAT and CD libraries
  • Device driver development Programmer's Guide and man pages
  • Image Format Library
  • Software Packager Libraries and Tools
  • FlexLM licensing management tools
  • X11 and Motif libraries and documentation
  • WebViewer classes
  • CompLib science and math libraries
  • ViewKit for graphical user interfaces