OpenGL® Examples


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accum.jpg Simple program to test accumulation. accum.c
bitmap1.jpg Simple program to test bitmap rendering. bitmap1.c
bitmap2.jpg Simple program to test bitmap rendering. bitmap2.c
copy.jpg Program that demonstrates reading back the framebuffer and zooming the pixels. copy.c
depth.jpg Simple program to test depth buffering. depth.c
logo.jpg Not so simple test that does all sorts of stuff more details). logo.c
nurb.jpg Simple nurb (non-uniform rational b-spline) program. nurb.c
packedpix.jpg Program that uses packed pixel types for DrawPixels, ReadPixels, TexImage2D, and GetTexImage. Use -h option to display a list of command line options. Use Key h in the created window for key options. packedpix.c
prim.jpg All the OpenGL primitives all in a row. prim.c
quad.jpg Another "megatest" with lots of options. quad.c
sphere.jpg Test of auto texture coordinate generation. sphere.c
stretch.jpg Neat little warping program. Click in the window to add control points, and press space bar to start warping. stretch.c
teapot.jpg Ye 'ole classic (red in this case) teapot. teapot.c
twotextures.jpg Simple example of using two textures. twotextures.c
wave.jpg Neat wave program with some contouring options (press 'c'). wave.c