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SUSE OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack is undoubtedly the leading open source software platform for creating private and public clouds. SUSE OpenStack Cloud combines the agility of OpenStack with the reliability features required for production workloads. For a complete list of SGI products certified with SUSE SLES, including SGI Rackable and SGI UV, visit the SUSE Certification Catalog.

The SGI OpenStack Reference Architecture provides guidance for integrating SGI Rackable® scale-out servers and optional SGI® UV™ scale-up servers with SUSE OpenStack Cloud software. Following these recommendations and best practices allows organizations to quickly and confidently deploy the required infrastructure that yields a secure, scalable, performant and highly available private cloud instance for High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads, including testing, development or production usage scenarios.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

All SGI Rackable and SGI UV platforms are certified to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, a production-ready cloud foundation. A complete list of certified SGI platforms can be found on the Red Hat Hardware Catalog website.