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SGI ProPack™

SGI ProPack for Linux is designed to enhance the Linux experience for SGI® systems. SGI ProPack for Linux focuses on features that accelerate applications, enable development of parallel and real-time applications, and manage system resources for SGI's large scalable servers, clusters and storage.

SGI ProPack 7 is the next generation of SGI's suite of performance optimization libraries and tools. SGI ProPack 7 adds significant new capabilities and includes:

Accelerate Applications

  • Cpusets optimize cpu and memory utilization
  • NumaTools data placement tools
  • Linkless Flexible File I/O (FFIO) improves runtime I/O performance
  • SGISolve Fast Sparse Solvers

Parallel Programming

  • SGI Message Passing Toolkit (MPI-2 compliant)
  • SGI MPI PerfBoost accelerates Platform MPI, Intel MPI, Open MPI applications
  • Perfcatcher MPI profiling tool
  • Easy launch of MPI Apps with Array Services and Secure Array Services
  • SHMEM message passing API
  • XPMEM cross partition support
  • UPC Compiler for Altix UV systems

Real-Time Performance

  • SGI REACT for Linux hard real-time performance
  • SGI Linux Trace debugger for real-time apps

Manage System Resources

  • Performance Co-Pilot system performance monitoring
  • Comprehensive System Accounting
  • Accurate shared memory measurement
  • XVM volume management tool to stripe a volume across multiple physical disks