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SGI Management Center

SGI Management CenterA comprehensive SGI platform-wide software solution for installing, managing and monitoring high performance computing systems.

SGI Management Center provides a powerful yet flexible interface through which to initiate management actions and monitor essential system metrics for all SGI systems. It reduces the time and resources spent administering systems by improving software maintenance procedures and automating repetitive tasks - lowering total cost of ownership, increasing productivity, and providing a better return on the customer's technology investment. SGI Management Center optimizes the performance of single system image systems and clusters scaling to tens of thousands of servers. It is a unifying component of SGI's technical computing software environment.

SGI Management Center Editions

SGI Management Center is available in multiple editions which tailor features and capabilities to the needs of different administrators, and makes available optional features that further extend system management capabilities.

Standard Edition

  • Administrators and managers have a rich graphical user interface that provides a single view of system health, including server status, performance metrics software images, and supports full remote server control. Standard Edition now also includes high speed provisioning, image management with version control, and, user management.
  • Available at no charge with SGI Rackable servers.

Premium Edition

  • Adds fault analysis, energy management monitoring, advanced accelerator and co-processor monitoring and management, high availability (HA), BIOS provisioning (ICE X only) and other features to further extend the capabilities of system administrators.
  • Available for SGI Rackable servers, SGI ICE X and SGI UV systems.

Power Option

  • Adds the capability to dynamically manage electrical load from individual nodes to the entire system from a single point on the system console. Policy driven dynamic energy management allows customers to optimize power per computer cycle and operate effectively within facility power constraints and changing electrical rate structures. Fine grained energy management allows processes to continue running and improves reliability and response to changes.
  • This option requires underlying hardware support, which is available in Intel Xeon 5600-based servers having TY6 or TY15 motherboards, or for most Intel Xeon E5-2600-based servers, including SGI ICE X.
  • SGI and Intel worked together on a whitepaper (PDF) highlighting this feature.
  • Available as an option for both Standard and Premium Editions.
  • Power Option requires Intel Node Manager enabled servers with supporting power supply configurations.

Key Feature Summary

Each release of SGI Management Center adds additional capabilities and options to ultimately enable tightly integrated, end-to-end system monitoring and management over servers, storage, fabric, and other major system components all from a single interface.

Feature Standard Edition Premium Edition Options Benefits
System Management Console   Consolidated, "single pane of glass" view and access to entire system from one console
Monitoring and Metrics   Over 120 selectable metrics from hardware and software sources for each server
Remote Console Management   Remote serial console access, KVM, power and beacon control using IPMI and other standard interfaces
Events and Alerts   Selectable system event reporting and actions - streamlining system operations
Configurable System Dashboards   Customizable dashboards which depict servers, racks, or entire systems provide at-a-glance system status
High Speed, Bare Metal Provisioning   Multi-cast provisioning to all servers simultaneously - minimizing startup time
Image Management with Version Control   Individual control of kernels, distributions, applications and file systems
Energy Management Monitoring     Full monitoring for power consumption at a server, group, rack or system level
Memory and GPU Fault Analysis     Centralized display and analysis of memory and GPU errors for improved RAS and system utilization
High Availability (HA)     System management failover for assured access in business critical systems
BIOS provisioning (ICE X only)     Manage BIOS updates system wide from a single system console
Advanced Accelerator and Co-Processor Monitoring and Management     Full Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA Tesla interface monitoring and management extends administrator control in high performance systems
Dynamic Energy Management     SGI and Altair have collaborated to deliver a set of software to efficiently manage large scale systems for performance, resilience, and power optimization. This enables intelligent scheduling based on energy consumption, and provides unprecedented control over energy usage and maximizes effective computing per watt.

SGI Management Center is supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6, and CentOS 5 and 6.