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SGI® InfiniteStorage™ Gateway

Lower the Cost of High Volume Storage with Intelligent Data Management
The rapid growth of unstructured data is driving storage acquisition costs prohibitively higher, increasing complexity, and fueling inefficient utilization. Studies show as much as 85% of data residing on primary storage is inactive. While all users want uninterrupted access in case of future need, IT managers must continually add expensive primary capacity or chose which data to archive and which users to impact. And as primary storage silos grow, so do energy costs, backup volumes, and management headaches.

SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway is a purpose-built appliance that enables IT organizations to readily free primary storage capacity and reduce the cost of storing massive data volumes to as little as 1/10th* the cost of primary storage, while maintaining seamless user access.

Align Data Activity with Best Storage Medium, Automatically
InfiniteStorage Gateway enables the automated placement of data on the right storage at the right time. Complementary to InfiniteStorage Gateway, optional SGI Trusted Edge™ software scans and analyzes storage use throughout your existing primary NAS environment, providing detailed information in graphical form. Trusted Edge can then automatically move data from primary storage to InfiniteStorage Gateway that is less active or subject to other usage policies. Migrated data may reside on disk inside the appliance, on tertiary devices in the SGI storage fabric to include SGI MAID (ZeroWatt™ disk), tape, or SGI® OmniStor™, and remote or cloud-based storage.

Seamless Online Access Wherever Data Resides
When data is moved from primary network shares to the InfiniteStorage Gateway share, users access it in the same way, wherever the data physically resides. No other applications to run. No backup restore requests. Users can locate their data using the same directory, folder and file structure as primary shares, whether viewed next week or several years from now. The file format remains as when first created. And it's always online.

Heterogeneous Storage Support
InfiniteStorage Gateway connects to existing infrastructures with primary storage from multiple vendors. No changes to primary storage or the management environment are required as data moves from primary network shares to the InfiniteStorage Gateway share via standard NFS or CIFS protocols. In addition to reducing the need for more high-cost expensive primary capacity and expanding storage silos, SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway enables administrators to further capitalize on existing storage investments and avoid lock-in for future storage purchases.

Proven in Largest BIG DATA Environments
SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway is powered by SGI® DMF™ technology, the tiered storage virtualization software deployed worldwide. Many customers have been using DMF technology for over 20 years, with some scaling to over 100PB of managed data and over 2 billion files. SGI has integrated DMF technology into a purpose-built appliance to serve IT organizations now facing Big Data storage and cost challenges previously experienced by only the largest data environments. An extension of the SGI Modular InfiniteStorage platform, InfiniteStorage Gateway is designed for data centers with approximately 250TB or more, and to scale storage fabrics without limitation as data volumes grow.

Easy to Connect and Administer
SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway comes pre-loaded with all operating software and hardware needed to speed installation and accelerate time to solution. Simply connect the appliance to the LAN and to lower or outer tier storage. The storage forms automatically through the immediate discovery of devices. No complex setup or calculations. Just lower cost storage and energy consumption in a matter of hours.

Quickstart Service
The InfiniteStorage Gateway Quickstart Service allows IT teams to build their understanding of the Gateway and its functional components, so they can more fully utilize it over time. The service provides orientation and knowledge transfer, targeted to the customer's existing understanding of their storage environment and its components:

  • Orientation and knowledge transfer session, including:
    • Review of the key components that make up the InfiniteStorage Gateway product.
    • Discussion of the MIS hardware, DMF software and
    • Review ways to interact with the standard Gateway product.
  • Perform slight policy modifications according to high level customer needs.
  • All SGI Professional Services are performed by trained technical consultants.

Datasheet: SGI Quickstart Service for SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway (PDF)

* "1/10th" is based on the purchase cost/GB of primary network-attached storage products from selected leading vendors determined from pricing data as of September 2013, in comparison to the purchase cost/GB of an InfiniteStorage Gateway fabric consisting of the appliance and tape storage, when migrating 3 -10PBs of data. Actual savings will vary depending upon primary storage utilized, volume of data migrated, and fabric storage mediums. Contact SGI for details.